Village of Cody

Cody-Kilgore High School

Cody Kilgore Unified Schools
The Cody Kilgore Unified School, a Schoolwide Title 1 District, serving approximately 140 PreK-12th grade students, is located in North Central NE with a sparsely populated constituency yet covering one of the largest geographic areas among NE Class II Districts. Our district provides regular transportation services for students that cover a 312 mile round trip in a 553 square mile area. Some students log as many as 76 miles round trip in a day on our buses. Our staff is 100% NCLB Qualified and APL trained. We have received an Entrepreneurship and Incubator Business Grant with the Village of Cody. This enhances our Career Education curriculum by providing real world experiences. Expanded Distance Learning and Dual Credit classes are helping us provide more curriculum offerings. At CKUS we are: Committed, Knowledgeable, Unified, and Successful.

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