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Camping is available in the city park! Plan your trip to include a stop in the beautiful Cody Park. Tents are free, RVs are $15 per night. Full hookups are provided with 30amp electrical service. A restroom with showers is close to the camping area. Covered picnic serving area, picnic tables and play ground equipment are ready for you to use.

The Circle C Market is open! Please check out the link to the Circle C Market and stop in to see our straw-bale grocery store. Make Cody a stop on your summer travels.
Stop in, stay awhile, visit, and you may just want to return.
Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle
Dec. 21, 2012

In the fall of 2010, Cody,Nebraska started“going green.” Over one dozen bins were set up around town and since then,more have been added. Approximately 30 50 - gallon recycling bins are currently placed throughout Cody.

Recycling in Cody has been “experiencing growing pains” due to lack of effort. After talking to John Johnson,he explained that he feels recycling is important, but as a community we need to do it right.

The conflict with recycling is that it takes money to drive to Valentine and drop it off. Ideally, one ton will be delivered.The more you can fit into a bin,the more weight can be added and less money will be wasted.

In order to take up the least amount of space, all cardboard needs to be flattened,no matter how small the box. If you rinse milk jugs with hot water, they can be folded to take up a small amount of space. Also, crush pop cans. If you rinse out the excess liquid, crushing them isn’t as disgusting as it might seem.

Don’t dump Styrofoam, glass, wet garbage, or food into the recycling bins. Do recycle tin cans,aluminum cans, cardboard, paper,plastics, and bottles!

No one wants dirty trash running down their arms if they lift up the bin. Therefore, clean all materials before depositing them;be courteous to those who have to handle it after you. Marty Ostransky has asked that you do not place items on top of the bins.When he sees that they are full,he empties them as soon as possible.If you place trash on top of them, the materials blow away, it is unsightly, and no good is done.

The Earth will be appreciative of your efforts. So remember . . . reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Hannah Jones

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